US Core Factory Orders Drop For 3rd Month

By: Curtis Wayne   3/19/2019

Several numbers are now started to show economic weakness, including Q1 GDP estimates at just above zero. 

Seeing declining US Core factory orders for three months in a row is started to look like a trend.

If the consumer pulls back, the asset bubbles will fall which will bring the down the entire economy.  The Fed is meeting again today to talk about this. 

The asset bubbles have become too big to fail.  It would be nice if they would just slowly deflate a little bit as a time and the rest of the economy would pick up so that they would not be such a risk of the entire economy.  

The Fed would like to continue raising rates from 2.5% to about 4% so they have enough room to reverse the effects of a major recession. 

But the numbers are just too weak already and maybe they have to wait and see if the economy picks up in Q2.  This is what I think they are going to do, wait and see what happens in Q2. 

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