Trump budget only asked for $200 billion for infrastructure

By: Curtis Wayne   3/12/2019

This is a lot less than the $1 trillion infrastructure proposal talked about in congress for the last few years.

The Trump 2020 budget, submitted to Congress on Monday, contained only $200 billion of Federal dollars – with a hint that state and local governments would pay for the rest of the $1 trillion dollars needed.

This infrastructure spending bill is about the only thing that both Democrat and Republican leaders agree to spend money on.

Everything else in the Trump budget is going to cause major discussions as both party leaders are far apart.

The truth is that the U.S. cannot afford a $1 trillion dollar infrastructure spending bill.  National debts are already projected to run $1+ trillion per year for the next four years and could go much higher if any of the assumptions in the budget do not come true, like the projected 3.1% GDP.

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