Federal Interest Expense Hits Record High

By: Curtis Wayne   3/5/2019

In short: Federal Government expenses are climbing much faster than its income.

As interest rates go up just a small amount, the interest payments on $22 trillion creating a massive black hole in the budget.  According to article on zerohedge.

"Finally, and perhaps most concerning, is that for the first four months of this fiscal year, interest payments on the U.S. national debt hit $192 billion, $17 billion, or 10% more than in the same four-month period last year and the most interest ever paid in the first third of the fiscal year. "

And the income is dropping, because of the tax cuts.

The US cannot afford the Trump tax cuts without also cutting government spending, just the opposite of the increase in spending on defense and other priorities.

At this rate, the Federal debt is going to climb well past $1 trillion this year.  On top of these, Trump and congress could pass a $1 trillion dollar infrastructure spending bill later this year.

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