Get Ready To Pay More For Household Goods

By: Curtis Wayne   2/15/2019

Makers of household staples like, Toilet Paper, Cat Litter And Garbage Bags are about to see increasing prices.

Manufactures of household products are planning another round of inflationary price hikes in order to offset higher commodity costs and boost profits, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"According to an analysis of Nielsen data by Sanford C. Bernstein, US sales volumes of personal and household products declined 1.4% in January, while dollar sales of those products rose 0.7% in the same period - suggesting that the price increases are more than offsetting the decline."

Trump has got the economy growing, with wages increasing, but the last decade of printed money is making its way into the economy.   Suppliers are raising prices of raw materials, causing manufactures to increase prices which is slowing sales a little, but they are selling enough to make more profit on the higher prices.

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