5 Of 6 Global Central Banks Are Still Flooding Markets QE

By: Curtis Wayne   2/12/2019

With 5 of 6 Central Banks continuing to print money, you would think the global economy would be doing create.

But it's not.  The US Fed is the only Central Bank removing money from the market by raising interest rates and reducing its balance sheet.

US growth is slowing, European growth is very weak, Japan is close to a recession, China continues to weaken, and stock values remain very high.

Here are the 5 global central banks that are still printing:

  1. Bank of Japan
  2. European Central Bank
  3. Swiss National Bank
  4. Bank of England
  5. People's Bank of China

The global central banks are not sure what to do next, they cannot follow the Fed and stop printing and they cannot keep printing without continuing to destroy the value of their currencies.

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