Stock market bubble reaches record 22K

By: Curtis Wayne   8/4/2017

The Dow Jones reaches a record 22,000 points.  The day before, Alan Greenspan warns of asset bubbles.  

Alan Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve Chief, the guy responsible for starting the current cycle of massive low interest fueled bubbles that eventually collapse.   

Now Alan is warning “abnormally low” interest rates will pop the bubble in the 30 year bond market bubble – which he created.   

He also said when the asset bubbles begin to pop, interest rates will go up “rather rapid”.  But he is not sure when this will begin to happen, “I have no time frame on the forecast”, “… no way of knowing in advance when it will actually trigger”. 

But he did say that just before the crash begins, you will see a major surge in asset prices, kind of like what we are seeing as the Stock market bubble reaches a record 20K, 21K and now 22K.

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