NC Gov. signed law exempting gold and silver from sales taxes

By: Curtis Wayne   7/27/2017

This is very interested, because we have a State that is saying the Gold and Silver are not assets – but money.   If Gold and Silver can be used as currency to exchange goods just like dollars, than we just moved back to a Gold standard.   

What about the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money?  They control money by only allowing dollars to be used in exchanges for goods and services.   If Gold and Silver are money, than why use dollars that are controls by the Fed? 

Peter Schiff says it this way,

“This removes one barrier from buying gold, silver and platinum. It will also help encourage their use and take the first step toward breaking the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.” 

“This represents a small step toward reestablishing gold and silver as legal tender and breaking down the Fed’s monopoly on money.” 

Just a few months ago the Gov. of Arizona signed a similar bill, eliminating state capital gains taxes on buying gold and silver.

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