Local Barter Networks Key to Surviving Currency Crises

By: Curtis Wayne   2/3/2016

Here is an interesting article discussing the need for a bartering system in times of a currency crisis.   

“We are always told to “be prepared” for a crisis. But what exactly does that mean? We tend to think in terms of stockpiling supplies, or maybe having an evacuation plan.” 

“Brandon Smith founded the Alternative Market Project and he emphasizes the importance of developing local networks to facilitate barter. In the event of a systemic economic collapse, these networks will provide vital channels for the exchange of goods and services in the event traditional markets cease to function.” 

“We saw the value of these localized barter systems first-hand in the wake of the Greek economic crisis last summer. A robust barter economy developed out of sheer necessity, as everyday Greeks had to find ways to cope with cash withdrawal limits and currency shortages.” 

These local bartering communities usually don’t last very long, their primary value is during a currency crisis because the value of the currency is changing too fast for businesses to keep and customers get frustrated with what little they get in return for their paper money. 

After a currency collapse hits bottom, businesses get a better handle on prices and costs and the bartering community that formed during the crisis usually dry up. 

I would guess that a good place to setup a barter community would be with a farmers market or food co-op or maybe even a network of guns shops. 

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