UK’s Socialized Healthcare Hits An 11-Year Low

By: Curtis Wayne 0 Comments   3/7/2019

For decades the Democratic Party has been trying to get the U.S. to move to a single-payer government run socialized healthcare.

The last attempt, Obamacare was a complete disaster.  Obama had to repeatedly lie about it just to trick enough Democratic supporters into it and then he had to change the bill as the Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional unless it was changes to a tax – rather than a forced expense.

In the process of gaining support for Obamacare, politicians used European nations as examples of how great socialized healthcare was. 

The problem is that socialized healthcare only looks good in the beginning, when it is still mostly benefiting from a capitalism foundation and the negative side effects of socialized medicine has not yet been realized.

Ten years ago the UK socialized their healthcare, and for many years it was held up as an example of just how great socialized medicine can be.  Today polls reveal a different story.  A recent poll of 3,000 people found only 53% of people in England, Scotland and Wales were satisfied with healthcare.

In respond to this report, said:

“The National Health Services, the United Kingdom’s socialized “Medicare for all” government-run single Payer healthcare is not faring too well.  The satisfaction rate is now at an 11-year low as people die waiting days for care in corridors and those wait times reach historically high levels.”

The same thing could be said about Canada’s socialized healthcare.  The best thing about Canada’s healthcare system is that the wealthy can just take a day drive down to the U.S. and see some of the best Dr. in the world.

Most likely the UK government is going to propose throwing more money at their healthcare system and that means raising taxes or national debts to pay for it. 

In the end, the people in the UK will end up paying much more money for government run healthcare then if they had private run healthcare. 

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