Mike Maloney and Harry Dent Discuss The Current Market Collapse

By: Curtis Wayne 0 Comments   2/7/2016

This is an amazing interview.  Two of the best investors in the world, who has predicted the current global stock market crash years ago and have been talking about it for years. 

Few people listen to these guys and almost all institutional investors completely discard their analysis.

Yet, here we are, the stock market is crashing – proving the Fed has been wrong about everything – and these guys are right.

Here are a few things they say;

“This money can disappear faster than it was created.”

“In 1920 the average person could not borrow to buy a home. There was a five year mortgage and you had to put 50% down, and it’s kind of like that in China today. “

“I am very worried about what Central banks are doing, because they have taken over the economy.  They set short term interest rate, they set treasury bonds 20-30 years to zero adjusted for inflation – its free money. “

“The greater bubble the greater the burst, so everybody it telling me – what’s the problem the government, we averted a great depression, hey we are going at 2%, we are doing better than Europe and Japan.  The problem is we are going to have a bigger bubble and the bigger disaster because governments will not take the consequences for the debts they helped to create. “

“The next downturn will be a significant downturn, especially financial assets.”

“The dollar is the safe haven turning the deflation …”

“Nobody saw what happen in the 1930’s coming … and nobody sees this coming … “

“A small percent of the people are going to make a fortune and do very well, and everyone else is not going to know what hit them. “

“… the next several years will be the worst economic and financial crisis you will see in your lifetime maybe even in your kids lifetime.  … So what you do today will be more important than in your lifetime.“

Here is the entire interview.

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