Churches should begin increasing security measures

By: Curtis Wayne 1 Comments   1/10/2016

Churches should begin reconsidering security measures. America Churches are likely to become the next target of radical Islam. 

In the last few years ISIS has increased terrorism in many nations like Israel, Iraq, Egypt and now America – Churches should begin to reconsider their security measures. 

Just two days ago, a man in Philadelphia ambushed a cop saying he acted 'in the name of Islam'.

“The suspect, 30-year-old Edward Archer, told homicide investigators he "pledges his allegiance to Islamic State, he follows Allah, and that is the reason he was called upon to do this," Captain James Clark revealed.” 

Franklin Graham has this to say his facebook page,

“My fellow Americans, the enemy is here. The 30-year-old gunman who tried to kill a Philadelphia police officer last night in an ambush gave a full confession, saying he committed his crime in the name of Islam.”

“It’s not a secret—their goal is to kill all those who do not follow Islam and expand the territory of the Islamic State to the entire world.”

In the UK, ISIS is telling jihadist to “Pretend to be Christians” to gain the trust of the American public before launching an attack to cause maximum impact.  So they are likely to start visiting churches and look for soft targets.

Here are a few ways America Churches could begin their security measures.

Beginning security measures

  1. Begin reviewing security measures at weekly staff meetings.
  2. Begin asking members who has a permit to carry to get a feel for how many have guns at a typically service. 
  3. Begin creating a plan of evacuation if a shooter were to enter the sanctuary.
  4. Take down any signs in the parking lots or in the buildings that say ‘no guns allowed’.
  5. Encourage the greeters to get their carry permits and begin carrying to church services.

Most likely the shooters would come through the back doors after the services have started and everyone is distracted.  So the greeters will be the first line of defense.  Having greeters that carry will be one of the most important steps to stop any shooter before they get too far.  

When a church takes these measures, people will talk in your community and the word will get out that your church is prepared.  Even if your church never gets attacked, the members will feel more secure knowing some of these plans are in place.  The goal of terrorism is to use fear to cause people to give in to their demands. 

When a church gets attacked in your state or city, many people will stop going to church out of fear that their church will be next.  But if your church has already taken these steps it will minimize the spread of fear among your members.

Advance security measures

In some places, these security steps may not be enough and you may want to take some of these advance actions.

  1. Have a few members look like security officers, with open carry guns and uniforms outside and inside the church building during the services.
  2. Convince the city police to patrol around your church building during services.
  3. Convince a few local police officers to attend your church and open carry their guns.

Another option is to consider hiring a local security or gun shop to partner with, promoting their business in exchange for an increase presence during church services.

Some people may not like seeing guns at church, so you will have to point out that the alternative of allowing an attacker easy access your members is not something you are willing to stand down on.

In order to establish a positive gun culture, instead of a church softball team, consider starting a church shooting team.  Members could get together on a regular bases to practice shooting at a local shooting range.  They could even compete against other church teams.

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Reader Comments

John Says: on Monday, January 11, 2016 7:09:04 PM

This is a very good article, however, instead of a gun range you could have a church paintball team instead. Also, the bible says "love your neighbor as yourself," I can't remember where in the bible it said that. But, shouldn't we let these Muslims into our church? Just so that they can hear the truth? Instead of all the media these days?
Great article, John

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