7 Ways Paintball Or Airsoft Can Help You Prepare

By: Curtis Wayne 0 Comments   9/26/2017

Playing paintball/airsoft is a very practical way to get prepared for an economic collapse.  Security is a major concern for everyone when the economy breaks down.   

There are a lot different things to consider regarding security preparation.  From equipment to communications to response time.    

Most people think that all they need to do to be prepared for security is to practice shooting their guns.  That is a good start and it is true that you need lots of practice with your firearms, but paintball/airsoft games allow you to test some of your other skills and equipment under distress.   

Here are 7 ways that paintball/airsoft can help you get prepared; 

  1. Test your gear – clothing, guns, and weight.  Do you have the gear you need?  A paintball/airsoft game is a great way to test your boots, belts, gloves, vests, pants, etc. along with your guns, your ammo and your backup guns, how much ammo you can carry and how quickly you can reload.  
  2. Test your team – leadership, roles, and supplies.  Who is the leader, shooters, communications, supply runners and defenders?  Playing paintball/airsoft will quickly reveal if you have thought about the roles in your team.  If the economy collapse, you may need similar roles in your neighborhood watch team.  
  3. Test your mind – panic or stay in control.  When the paintballs are flying all around you, do you or your team panic or stay in control and stick to the plan?  Playing paintball/airsoft is a great exercise on your mind.   
  4. Test your body – agility, cardio, physical condition.  How fast can you run?  Paintball/airsoft will put your body to the test and help determine if you are out of shape.   
  5. Test your medical response – first aid in a crisis.  Can your team handle a medical emergency?  Playing paintball/airsoft usually results in some type of minor injury.  You could cut your leg or get hit with a paintball at close range or trip and fall on your gun.  This environment gives you the opportunity to test your skills at handling a medical condition in the middle of a shootout.  
  6. Test your community – church groups, neighbors, hunters and work friends.  How many people around you are prepared for security?  A paintball/airsoft game gives you the opportunity to ask people around you to join in and talk with them about why or why not they are interested. This gives you a short list of people around you that have at least some level of preparation. 
  7. Test your family – children, spouse, siblings and parents.  How prepared is your family?  Organizing a paintball/airsoft game will help you talk to you children, spouse, siblings and parents about how prepared they are for security.  

Because of these benefits, I suggest some type of combat-game like paintball/airsoft at least twice a year.  

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