2019 Could Be the Preppers' Year of Redemption

By: Curtis Wayne 0 Comments   12/19/2018

Next year could be the year that preppers begin to see a return on their investments.

After ten years an entire generation has been born into an expanding economy and has never experienced a decline. 

This has put a lot of stress on preppers because they have had to remain focused on investing, both time and energy, for surviving a deep recession, while having fewer and fewer people to talk about a recession let along how to survive it. When the recession hits, preppers will be saying ‘finally we can talk about the economic trouble we are facing’ and there will be a lot of ‘I told you so’.

This recession is going to be massive for so many reasons, just consider how badly investors are going to lose. Yesterday I read an article that said almost no one is shorting the markets right now, because over time as the Fed continued to pump money into the economy, everyone was forced out of all short positions and into long positions.  In a normal market, there are usually periods throughout each year where there are more investor shorting the market then long. This helps to stabilize the markets and it protects investors from massive losses when the market moves quickly. 

Today, with so few investors short, a market crash could wipe out so many.  Only the preppers that have diversified in gold and land and cash and supplies and tools and other things are going to have anything left.  But the preppers have had to watch everyone make lots of money in the market for so many years, while remaining diligent in their strategy and ignoring the majority that are betting the farm on the market. 

So many people are spending all of their income because of the wealth effect of the high value of their 401ks and completely unaware and unprepared for both to collapse.   The bubbles have been blown in so many industries this time, that when they deflate it is going to hit everywhere.   In 2001, the recession was primarily in the technology industry as the NASDAQ was cut in half.  In 2008, the recession was primarily in the housing industry.  This time almost every industry is in bubble territory. 

Preppers are investors in knowledge, skills, books and assets like tools, equipment, buildings and land.  These are the things that are most useful in producing things that create wealth, which is eventually the direction that the economy is going to turn, after the current model of sending printed money to China in exchange for goods, comes to an end. 

President Trump is well aware of what is going on. He knows that China has been allowed to take advantage of us for decades and he understands what we need to return our economy to manufacturing the majority of our own goods. 

And yes, Trump understands that the Fed is the tool used to artificially pump money into the global economy, which he stated in his election campaign, and now the Fed is in the process of crashing the global economy by removing the money, which he is correctly pointing out so that everyone is aware of the reason for the looming crash.

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