Trump 2020 Budget Reveals Trillion Dollar Deficits Forever

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Trump’s 2020 budget proposal reveals the U.S. will be unable to pay its debts for as far as the eye can see.

Crypto Currencies Are A Precursor To Gold Currency

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Gold is moving up and about to cross $1300.  The dollar is weak and the stock market has just about run out of gas.   

The Fifteen Biggest Bubbles In 2017

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One of the best ways to survive a recession is to avoid the bubbles that are created by all the money printing.   

Crypto Currencies Are Not Gold And Silver

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Crypto currencies are stealing a lot of headlines this year for many reasons.  They have the potential to radically change the world, by changing the way money is managed and controlled.   

The Fed is not going to act until after the crash

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That is basically the message from the Fed yesterday.  In Yellen’s testimony before congress, she said she thinks the market should be just fine because the Fed is still holding rates very low.

Mike Maloney and Harry Dent Discuss The Current Market Collapse

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This is an amazing interview.  Two of the best investors in the world, who has predicted the current global stock market crash years ago and have been talking about it for years. 

Japan Enters Currency Default by Taking Interest Rates Negative

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Today Bank of Japan cut interest rates on new deposits from 0.1% to -0.1%, in an effort to ensure that the money they pump into the system does not get put into reserves by banks. 

Central Banks stop the market crash with talk of more QE

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Last week stock markets continued to fall – until about Thursday when Mario Draghi, the ECB President, announced the possibility of a fresh round of QE. 

Retiring in a global recession is not going to be easy

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As oil prices head towards $20, the world banks are moving toward bankruptcy.

CNBC Admits Peter Schiff Was Right

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This is a classic, just a few weeks ago CNBC interviewed Peter Schiff and several analysts trying to ridicule Peter’s predictions about QE4, the Fed raising interest rates and the coming recession in 2016.

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