The Day the Fed Changed Directions

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The Fed today said the US economy is doing fine and at the same time they are worried about it.  The Fed says lots of things, but it’s what they do that should make you worry.

How Inflation Will Change Industries

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It is not easy to predict how inflation will change different industries but it is usually clear many years later.  One way to beginning is to look at the asset bubbles, because when new money is added into the economy is always goes somewhere. 

How to Survive a Job Loss in a Recession

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The job numbers are starting to drop last month the economy only added 20,000 new jobs.

Trump Says Dollar Too Strong

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I was amazed to hear what Trump said about the Dollar and inflation in his two hour CPAC speech yesterday.

The end of an era, Apple iPhone sales fall

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This looks like the beginning of the end of a technology era.  The sales of the iPhone have been used as the key indicator of the last decade of technology growth.